Are your electricity bills costing you a fortune? Most Queenslanders are feeling the pinch of the rising costs of electricity and there is no denying the cost of electricity is only going to continue to increase in Queensland. The team at Volti are extremely passionate in helping our fellow residents and businesses lower or even eliminate their electricity bills.

Let’s make it easy for you…

For the majority of the Brisbane population, our use of electricity is increasing due to the increase in appliances and gadgets we now own, use of pools and spas, heating/cooling systems, lighting, electric hot water, electric ovens & stove tops, entertainment (radio, TV, set box, DVD/Blu-ray players, computers) constantly running, phones charging and more. And with the increase in our electricity usage, so is an increase in the cost in electricity.

A quick fact:

The Queensland Competition Authority released in May 2014 that a typical household on tariff 11 will see a 13.6% increase in electricity prices for the next financial year. That works out to about $192 over the year and a typical small business customer will see a jump of about 11.5% or $219 to their tariff.

Residents and business owners of Brisbane will see their electricity bills rising, unfortunately, it is inevitable.

How can we help?

There are lots of ways we can help eliminate your bill or at minimum, drastically reduce your bill!

We specialise in solar power photovoltaic (PV) systems, energy efficient lighting, energy analysis home audits, power factor correction, energy saving installations for your home or factory and love giving free advice on simple things that you can do around your home or business to lower your bill.

Our customers can be confident knowing that the company director and all installers are Accredited Solar Power Designers & Installers with the Clean Energy Council (CEC); which is a national requirement for installers of solar panels.

If you are you looking for an accredited Solar Power installer in Brisbane, look no further. The only question that is left to ask is, “What are you going to buy with all the cash you will be saving now?”


Find out how much the job will cost, without a big sales pitch

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