My name is Royanna Johns and I am the author of #savemoneycampaign, the official blog for Volti. Here you will find plenty of tips and tricks on how to save money on your energy bills and other costs around the home.

Volti is run by a husband and wife team driven with the passion to help other families save money on their energy bills and other lifestyle bills, as well as solving electrical problems.

We are a typical family…husband, wife, daughter, planning our next child, two dogs, a mortgage, two vehicles and plenty of other bills to pay to meet our lifestyle. We are very ordinary but we have passion and knowledge that we want to share with you. We are passionate about turning the tides in our current societal use of energy.

Most people do not realise that renewable energy is a solution for not only reducing carbon emissions but also for spending less money on bills. As a family, we would be struggling financially if we did not set up our home to be energy efficient. Our home has a Solar PV System, an energy monitoring system, we converted all lights to LED and we also have remote control power sockets that allow us to turn off multiple appliances by simply pressing one button with a remote control because let’s face it, if it is easy, we are more likely to do it.

Our electricity bill is one bill that we never have to worry about. We have actually been in credit on our bill sometimes due to the power that we generated from our solar system and when we are not in credit, the bill is minimal and not a huge financial stress.

Follow this blog, if you want to join our #savemoneycampaign and find out extra tips and tricks that you can do to save money around your home. You can also follow our #savemoneycampaign on Instagram, we would love for you to post your own personal tips and tricks on how you save money and/or energy around the home.

I have put this short animation on here so that if you decide not to jump on the bandwagon of saving energy at home (therefore, saving money), you will see that at least at a national scale, the tides are turning. The wind farms and solar farms that are being constructed here will have the ripple effect of lowering the cost of your electricity. Keep in mind, there are also many other things that you can do at home to lower the amount of electricity that you use and therefore, lowering the amount on your bills.

Let’s campaign to not spend all our money on boring things like bills, let’s save some for the things in life that make our souls smile.

Happy saving!!

Welcome to the #SaveMoneyCampaign.

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